Richard Kraft grew up in London and has recently moved to New York's Hudson River Valley after living in Los Angeles for many years. His work is multi-disciplinary, using video, photography, collage and performance, to both construct environments and interrupt the world around us so that incongruities, paradoxes, and multiplicity of meaning might yield a new orientation to the familiar. Exhibitions include Charlie James, LA Louver, Rosamund Felsen, Printed Matter as well as several museum and non-profit art spaces

In April 2015 Siglio Press published his artist's book, Here Comes Kitty: A Comic Opera and he recently co-edited, with Joe Biel, the first complete volume of John Cage's Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse). Publications include BOMB, Bookforum, Carousel among other journals, and in 2016 his work was featured in The New Collage Book, a comprehensive survey published by Gestalten.

Kraft frequently uses public spaces for installations with work appearing on the sides of buses and in library aisles, as well as for performances which have taken place in Oxford Circus and Speaker’s Corner in London, along the Las Vegas Strip, at the Wendover Air Force Base, outside “Little Sparta” in rural Scotland, and downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. The City of West Hollywood (as part of the city's thirtieth anniversary celebrations) commissioned Kraft to produce 100 Walkers, West Hollywood which was performed on April 18th 2015.